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   Advanced Technologies for Gear,
   Spline & Rack Manufacturing

VARDEX presents an original and innovative solution for the
   gear milling industry, offering a competitive alternative to the 
   traditional Hob system. Gear manufacturers can now mill external
   splines, external cylindrical gears, sprockets and racks as well as
   many additional gear applications with VARDEX gear milling tools.

VARDEX - Gear Milling Movie                               VARDEX Solild Carbide Gear Milling Movie

  VARDEX Gear Milling tools can be used interchangeably in a wide range 
  of applications in gear, spline, rack and sprocket manufacturing. 
  Each tool has a different number of flutes to achieve a variety of different 
  cutting diameters, depending on the application.

 Shell Mill 



 Technical data  

 End Mill   


 Technical data   

 Disc Mill  



 Technical data   


 Gear Milling Inserts
VARDEX Gear Milling tools offer two types of inserts for small and large profile applications.

UT Style - 1 Cutting Edge



 Technical data

 U Style - 3 Cutting Edges



 Technical data

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