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TMSD - Thread Mill for Deep-holes

A multi-flute, high-productivity, and economical solution for thread milling in the deepest holes!

This newest addition to the Vardex family of thread milling solutions enables you to thread deeper and harder-to-reach holes.

New! TMSD - Thread Mill for Deep-holesTMSD features:

Single-point indexable carbide inserts for reduced load

  • Multi-flute for fast machining
  • U- or A-style threading inserts for lowest tooling cost
  • Adjustable shank overhang for optimal stability
  • Reinforced body for maximum tool rigidity
  • Coolant-thru for improved chip evacuation
  • Cylindrical and Weldon-style holders
  • A family of Shell Mill threading cutters for the highest
    productivity in heavy-duty jobs

Download the NEW TMSD Deep Hole Indexable Thread Milling Tool catalog here.

You will also find TMSD offered as an application solution in the latest version of TM Gen

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