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V6 - the 6 Corner Carbide Indexable Thread Turning insert

A revolution in Thread Turning!
V6 gives you twice the number of cutting corners and big savings in thread turning tooling costs!

V6 - the 6 Corner Carbide Indexable Thread Turning insertThe new V6 thread turning inserts from Vargus offer revolutionary gains in productivity as well as tremendous saving in tooling costs with its six-cutting corner system. Doubling the number of corners of conventional systems, V6 has the ability to halve users' tooling costs by enabling all six corners to be applied to the same thread turning application!

The new double -sided inserts fit all standard thread turning holders and are used in conjuction with the special V6 anvil (supplied).

V6 thread turning inserts can be supplied in a wide variety of external/internal styles for partial and full profile threads.

For additional information, download the new V6 catalog - A revolution in thread turning.

You will also find V6 offered as an application solution in the latest version
of TT Gen .

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