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micrOscope - Tools for Miniature Machining

Machine holes as small as 1.7mm diameter with the improved and expanded single-ended solid carbide micro tooling line!

This comprehensive line of solid carbide Micro Tools is the newest addition to the MiniPro family of products. micrOscope is designed for ease of use, highest precision, and maximum repeatability. micrOscope, the new generation 1-sided cutting tools, joins the well-known, economical 2-sided Micro line for a complete solution to threading, boring, round and square grooving, and face-grooving of holes down to 1.7 mm in diameter. Download the NEW MicrOscope catalog.
You will also find Microscope offered as an application solution in the latest version
of TT Gen.
micrOscope - Tools for Miniature Machining

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