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MilliPro HD (for Threading Hard Materials)

Thread milling for holes as small as 2mm (!!!)
in the toughest materials with this new and unique solid thread mill!

MilliPro HD for Hard Materials extends Vargus' solutions to thread milling the smallest of holes. Specially designed for threading hard materials up to 62 HRc in threads as small as M2x0.4 (No.2-56UN), MilliPro HD is the perfect way to thread the jobs where taps typically break. MilliPro HD is available from stock in most popular thread profiles, in 2xD and 3xD versions.

MilliPro HD is featured in the newly-released, complete-solution, Vardex TM Solid catalog, and can be downloaded here.

You will also find these exciting new tools featured in the latest version of TM Gen.

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