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Thread milling has become an increasingly popular alternative to tapping and thread turning. See all of theseThread Milling advantages:

  • Machining large work pieces which cannot be easily mounted on a lathe
  • Easily machine non-rotatable and asymmetrical parts
  • Complete operation in one clamping
  • Threading of large diameters requires less power than threading using taps
  • No upper limits to bore diameter
  • Chips are short
  • Blind holes without a thread relief groove can be machined
  • Thread relief grooves are unnecessary
  • One holder can be used for both internal and external threads
  • One tool can be used for both right hand and left hand thread
  • Inventory can be reduced to a minimum as small range of tooling covers a wide range of thread diameters
  • Interchangeable inserts
  • Suitable for machining of hard materials
  • Threads have a high surface finish
  • Allows for correction of tool diameter and length
  • Interrupted cuts are easily machined
  • One tool for a wide range of materials
  • A better thread quality in soft materials where taps normally tear the material
  • Short machining time due to high cutting speed and rapid feed rates
  • Small cutting forces allow machining of parts with thin walls

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